20 Dec 2010

Delilah 2007

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What Happened? At least that’s what Rachel says all the time. She was such a cute puppy and now she is all grown up! This is the first 30 days that we had Delilah.

One morning Rachel woke up and said let’s get a puppy.

We picked Delilah over the internet because she was born just one day after Rachel’s birthday. She is the most high maintenance dog I have not only had but EVER seen. We love her though and wouldn’t trade her for anything.

4 Responses to “Delilah 2007”

  1. Martha Cothran says:

    OMG that is so adorable…. love Delilah already!! Happy Birthday sweetheart!!

  2. Jade Arbelo says:

    You guys are ADORABLE! I stumbled on to this blog and just wanted you to know, you made me smile this morning! 🙂 Merry Christmas Eve, 2010. Keep LIVING.

  3. Rachel Johnny Yakubik says:

    She is definitely a Daddy’s Girl

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