13 Jun 2011

We Got A New Puppy- Her First Video

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***Click the link above to see a 45 second video of our NEW PUPPY*** Post a comment and tell us what you think.****

Rachel and I have spent several weeks getting approved for a new puppy named Kayna from Pit Bull Rescue. I was very reluctant to get a second dog but Rachel wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

Turns out I WAS RIGHT. In the first few days she dug a hole in the yard just before our party on Saturday. Then Delilah and her proceeded to roll in the mud and drag it through the house.

She also took time to p*&s and s^%t all over upstairs. Finally after the party she destroyed the craft table Rachel made for the kids.

Looks like we have our hands full now. Rachel just never listens.


4 Responses to “We Got A New Puppy- Her First Video”

  1. Shana Sanguinetti says:

    I want a video like that!!! I LOVED IT!!!

  2. Karin Hatfield says:

    hmmmmmmm….puppies…..great video….

  3. John Long says:

    You guys are so cute, just be sure to treat the dog as a dog too, you do not want to have to hire a dog therapist, they are costly : )

  4. Laura Feinstein says:

    Aww you got the puppy! Congrats!

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