18 Jan 2014


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Daniel after we told him we planned to circumcise him.

“Circumcision? You want to cut what? you must be crazy!!!”– Daniel

14 Responses to “Circumcision”

  1. Alan Green says:

    He look’s just like you John

  2. Gregory S. Pergament says:

    Awesome little being!!! You guys did good.

  3. Monica Mittleman says:

    little man, and your bright eyes Johnny

  4. Richelle Espinoza says:

    He is so friggin cute those eyes……

  5. Claudia Gottheim Gurman says:

    He is absolutely beautiful. Mazel tov to you both.

  6. Rene Rehmel says:

    He is so beautiful! God bless him!

  7. William Shane OBrien says:

    He looks like you Johnny!

  8. Martha Lima says:

    Wow! What a cutie pie

  9. Laurel Bunker says:

    Look at those eyes! Congratulations to you both!

  10. John H. Newell III says:

    So handsome!!

  11. Niki Plough Cvetnich says:

    Daniel’s eyes are amazing!

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