19 Jan 2014

9 Months in the Making

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“9 Months in the Making” Rachel and I wanted to go hang out with our friends tonight. Daniel decided he didn’t want to go soooo we had to stay home. Gave me a chance to finally finish this picture.

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  1. Johnny Yakubik says:

    Daniel double like!!

  2. Daniel Stone says:

    I think the last pic should have been of Rachel changing a dirty diaper. Just to keep it real. I miss seeing the both of you. Get some sleep and see you soon. Much Love

  3. Lisa N Dayne Mueller says:

    That is amazing work great job

  4. Patricia Garza says:

    I ‘m talking about the photo.

  5. Patricia Garza says:

    Wow! That is so beautifully creative! Something to cherish always.

  6. Johnny Yakubik says:

    I just fed Daniel his first bottle of breast milk. He was very confused. He thinks I have been holding out on him this whole time.

  7. Joelene Moore says:

    This is so beautiful❤️

  8. Jan Stewart says:

    This Is an absolute work of art. Rachel looks stunning throughout each phase. But Rachel Is a beautiful woman – with a beautiful heart. And you definitely caught it all with your camera. Johnny – You are very talented with the camera.

  9. Johan Aliseo says:

    This is fabulous. I love creative photography. I hope you put this in a frame and hang it in your home.

  10. Cheryl O'neal says:

    Beautiful time lapse.. Cherish this journey. My oldest grandson just sent me this message:” xoxoxo”. He is 8. Your son is a gift from God! Love you cousins

  11. Rachel Yakubik says:

    Monica Mittleman- Daniel has reserved the hours of 3-7pm exclusively for crying and nursing. Hopefully that changes soon, as it makes travel challenging.

  12. Rachel Yakubik says:

    Shana you are too kind.

  13. Walsh Mikey says:


  14. Jason E. Andersen says:

    Good job mommy and daddy 🙂

  15. Shana Gullickson says:

    Rachel is the prettiest person on earth. 🙂 This is proof. Sending much love to your family!!

  16. Lindsey Tricia Brown says:

    I love this!!! Beautiful =)

  17. Monica Mittleman says:

    Hopefully he’ll be more mature next Sunday and come visit

  18. Yevgeniy Zakharkin says:

    Dope photo bro, knowing it took about 9 moths to create it adds just that small bit of wow.

  19. Jana Marie says:

    Such a beautiful mommy, Daniel chose wisely!

  20. Dw Donahoo says:

    very beautiful. Sir you are an artist

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