14 Mar 2014

10 Week Portrait

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I haven’t really made any photos of ¬†Daniel with both Rachel and, I. So we put on our Pj’s and took a few snapshots. Here’s the first one of just Daniel and I. He’s just 10 weeks old in this shot.

10 Responses to “10 Week Portrait”

  1. Martha E Cothran says:

    That’s a great picture Johnny!!

  2. Lora Ashley says:

    I love this picture!

  3. Patricia Garza says:

    Aww. Daniel is posing. Really nice pic.

  4. Mark Saint says:

    Dude, That’s What’s Up – Does My Heart Good!!! <3

  5. Paulette Hedges says:

    nice….more please

  6. Sppike Mike says:

    seriously in love with you and your son Rachel Yakubik!!

  7. Rachel Yakubik says:

    He’s so serious

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