18 Jun 2014

Good Morning Las Vegas

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Good Morning Las Vegas. Taking a morning stroll in the flower conservatory at the Bellagio.

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Copyright_John_Yakubik-June 18, 2014-0001

18 Responses to “Good Morning Las Vegas”

  1. Nancy Elizabeth Fadell says:

    Now that is happiness :-):-)

  2. Melissa Borst says:

    You both are so adorable! !

  3. Martha E Cothran says:

    Oh my goodness YOU both looks so beautiful … filled with love !! Great picture!!

  4. Michael Weisbein says:

    Beautiful and so happy

  5. Lori Hayes says:

    great pic love you

  6. Patricia Garza says:

    You both look so happy and beautiful!♡

  7. Kent Woolridge says:

    Beautiful Family !!!

  8. Rosa Linda Rivera says:

    so sweet Mama’s <3

  9. Johnny Yakubik says:

    Rachel likes this one better

  10. Richelle Espinoza says:

    What a happy picture that baby is so precious love them both!!

  11. Angela DeMaio says:

    that’s a great pic =)

  12. Stacy Van Ost says:

    Such a great picture

  13. Joey Pasqual says:

    Such a cute baby and smile

  14. Candice Maria Burger says:

    It’s us moms up early enough to enjoy the morning!!

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