14 Jul 2014

Daniels First Camera

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10 Responses to “Daniels First Camera”

  1. Rachel Yakubik says:

    Nicole Bisnar, I need to make it down to you!

  2. Jenilee Pineda says:

    Rachel Yakubik and Johnny Yakubik this is just an awesome pic!!! He’s just sooooo handsome!!! 🙂

  3. Nicole Bisnar says:

    God that kid is cute! I have to come visit you guys again!

  4. Patricia Garza says:

    I agree! That baby boy is going to be turning nurseries upside down. He is so beautiful.

  5. Lani Beltrano says:

    Soon little baby girls will be crawling towards him…what knockout eyes!

  6. Johnny Yakubik says:

    Like father like son

  7. Rachel Yakubik says:

    He’s dressed pretty racy to be taking pictures. What are you teaching our boy? 😉

  8. Martha E Cothran says:

    Amazing!!! He’s the most beautiful baby ever!! And I’m a grandma!! Love him

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