27 Jul 2014

My New Ride

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When I was a kid my Grandfather used to say he didn’t want any “Monkey Business” out of me. Now that I have a son I find myself calling him a little monkey and, saying the same thing. So “Monkey Business” seemed like a great theme for my new board. Check it out Graphics By Me- Shaped by Michael Mauri at Fundamental Surf. Fiber Glass Cloth printing by Brad Styron at Surfboard Skinz.My New Ride

9 Responses to “My New Ride”

  1. Brad Styron says:

    turned out great!! Love those graphics!

  2. Randy Hampton says:

    A fitting tribute to our common ancestors long ago and familial-recent. I didn’t know people could get boards made custom like that!

  3. Christopher Burroughs says:

    Beautiful johnny, you guys made a great team on that one.

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