27 Sep 2015

My Little Swimmer

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13 Responses to “My Little Swimmer”

  1. Mark Saint says:

    You Gave Him Your Blue Eyes!!!

  2. Janelle Freiman Orsi says:

    what a little angel face!

  3. Linda Gianella says:

    Rachael, your baby is growing up so fast + Johnny just adores being with him as you see in this picture. Beautiful family- take care always!!! Greetings from Pgh

  4. Isar King says:

    Okay. It’s time for a Daniel Calendar Club. I want the first edition. Autographed.

  5. Sonia Meidinger says:

    That is just one of the best shots!

  6. Patricia Garza says:

    Omgosh Rachel Yakubik! Outstanding photo! So beautiful!

  7. Johan Aliseo says:

    I know he resembles you, but he also resembles Rachel but it’s not that he is a cross between the two of you. He actually resembles both of you individually. He’s a beauty.

  8. Terry Prince says:

    Beautiful picture Johnny. He looks just like you. You are very blessed my friend.

  9. Cindy Glover says:

    Darling Daniel! Hi Johnny! What a sweet picture!

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