07 May 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

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Baby Lila is scheduled for delivery this Tuesday May 10th at 12 noon.

Happy Mothers Day To The Greatest Mom On The Planet! Rachel Yakubik

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27 Sep 2015

My Little Swimmer

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15 Aug 2015

Finding Nemo

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We try to limit Daniel’s TV.

However when he does watch TV he likes his chair, blanket and, “Finding Nemo”.

19 Oct 2014

Halloween 2014

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Important Safety Tip- never look a Vampire in the Eye!

04 Oct 2014

9 months at the beach

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Photos from the beach this weekend

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27 Jul 2014

My New Ride

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When I was a kid my Grandfather used to say he didn’t want any “Monkey Business” out of me. Now that I have a son I find myself calling him a little monkey and, saying the same thing. So “Monkey Business” seemed like a great theme for my new board. Check it out Graphics By Me- Shaped by Michael Mauri at Fundamental Surf. Fiber Glass Cloth printing by Brad Styron at Surfboard Skinz.My New Ride

14 Jul 2014

Daniels First Camera

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18 Jun 2014

Good Morning Las Vegas

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Good Morning Las Vegas. Taking a morning stroll in the flower conservatory at the Bellagio.

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15 May 2014

Daniel’s Newborn Shots

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I was playing around in photoshop yesterday and, I created this collage. I think I’m going to have it printed and framed at 16X16.

14 Mar 2014

10 Week Portrait

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I haven’t really made any photos of  Daniel with both Rachel and, I. So we put on our Pj’s and took a few snapshots. Here’s the first one of just Daniel and I. He’s just 10 weeks old in this shot.

14 Feb 2014

Happy Valentines Day 2014

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6 years ago I started a daily ritual of meditation. During that meditation I would spend several minutes “Visualizing” Rachel and I raising children on the beach. 5 years ago in April we moved to California. 4 years ago in May we purchased our home in Oceanside. Yesterday I took this photo of our newborn son Daniel in a hammock on his first trip to the beach. Today I am living the dream. Happy Valentines Day Rachel and, Daniel. I love you both more than anything in the world.

10 Feb 2014

Daniel Grey’s First 30 Days

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I made my first home video back in 1986 with a Commodore Amiga (computer) and, a VHS deck. People were amazed I could superimpose a computer graphic over the top of live video. That setup cost me $3000 which was a lot of money back then. I bought my DSLR just over a year ago. I bought it because DSLR’s now offer HD video and perform far better in low light. Since buying my DSLR I have been so stuck on photography that I haven’t made ANY videos. This is the first home movie I have made with my DSLR. The footage could be better. It’s a little harder than the point and shoot I was used to. It will get better with time but I am happy with this video. I know it’s not a photo but, I hope you enjoy it anyways.

06 Feb 2014

Always Watching

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“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum. Our son Daniel 1 week old in this shot

31 Jan 2014

Children of the Sun

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“Children of the Sun” The people of the earth stood waiting watching as the ships came one by one. Billy Thorpe- Lyrics- Children of the Sun Photo I took of two young girls watching the sunset at the Oceanside Pier.

26 Jan 2014

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

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Daniel holding hands with Rachel & I.

23 Jan 2014

His Fathers Footsteps

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My son Daniel’s brand new feet. Next to my frazzled feet. Looks like I need a pedicure.

21 Jan 2014

Seraphim’s Feet

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“Seraphim’s Feet”. Foot modeling provided by my newborn son Daniel.

19 Jan 2014

9 Months in the Making

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“9 Months in the Making” Rachel and I wanted to go hang out with our friends tonight. Daniel decided he didn’t want to go soooo we had to stay home. Gave me a chance to finally finish this picture.

18 Jan 2014


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Daniel after we told him we planned to circumcise him.

“Circumcision? You want to cut what? you must be crazy!!!”– Daniel

12 Jan 2014

Daniel’s First Photos

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Rather then try to post these all on Facebook I decided to put them here on our website. Hope you enjoy them. We have been stuck in the house and, love hearing your comments. ***Just click one of the Images and a slideshow will begin***

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24 Jul 2013

Rachel’s Car Crash and our Baby

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17 Weeks Pregnant

Many of you know that my wife Rachel is 17 weeks pregnant with our first baby.


We share the belief that community service work is very important. This Sunday morning Rachel had a commitment to do some community service work which required her to travel form our home in Oceanside to meet a friend in La Mesa,  about a one hour drive. From La Mesa she and a couple of our friends drove all the way out to El Centro. This took another couple of hours.


She said “It was a beautiful drive and we had so much fun on the way there”. They did a couple of hours worth of community service work and then jumped in the car to head back.

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22 May 2013

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

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Rachel and I went to Vegas last weekend for a family celebration. While we were there Rachel humored me and let me do a photo shoot at the Welcome to Vegas Sign. These are some of my first pictures practicing with a manual off camera flash.


22 Apr 2013

Mount Potosi Campout April 2013

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26 Jan 2013

First Day of Snowboarding 2013

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2 Minute Video- Click the Photo to watch the video.
25 Dec 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

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Christmas Eve 2012-4

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Christmas Eve at the Venetian

10 Dec 2012

Puppy Time

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Blue Eyed Devil Dog

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Delilah in our living room. She terrorized Rachel as a puppy.

03 Dec 2012

X Rated Coffee Shop in Old San Juan Puerto Rico ***Video***

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You must be 18 years of age or older to watch this!!!

Here’s a quick little video to enjoy your morning coffee with and get your engine running.

The first morning of our second trip to Puerto Rico I found the first barista I have ever seen who makes x-rated cappuccino. Notice the foam. Great way to start your day and vacation.



06 Sep 2012

My Labor Day Weekend Project

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So I have a shoulder injury ( AC joint separation ) that has kept me from surfing for almost 4 weeks now. So I spent my downtime doing my very first surf board graphic design. I think I did pretty good for a first try. Bought this board on Craigslist- took it in for ding repair. Designed the top & bottom graphics. Sanded and painted. Check it out.







30 Aug 2012

Puerto Rico June 2012

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After her first year of teaching Rachel and I needed to unwind and reconnect. This is the music video from our trip. Check it out.

10 Nov 2011

Beach Day with the Girls 11-8-11

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Rachel went to Vegas for the weekend so the girls and I got to go to our favorite spot ALL DAY LONG!!!

25 Sep 2011

Rachel’s Master Graduation Ceremony 2011

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Rachel has been attending school since before we started dating. During that time she has always had a job and managed to do some type of volunteer work.

One thing about Rachel is she is a very hard worker and I couldn’t be more proud. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA!!!

I brought my camcorder to this event and unfortunately the battery wasn’t charged so I had to shoot this short video with my iPhone. It still came out really good. Hope you enjoy it.

13 Jun 2011

We Got A New Puppy- Her First Video

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***Click the link above to see a 45 second video of our NEW PUPPY*** Post a comment and tell us what you think.****

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24 May 2011

Andrew P in Little Italy

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Tonight Rachel and I drove down to Little Italy to meet Andrew P. We had an incredible dinner at an Argentinian Steak House named Puerto La Boca. Picked up some Gnocchi at Mona Lisa Deli, then finished the night with Raspberry and Chocolate Gelato and Black Forest cake. It was a long drive home with a full belly. Good night

23 May 2011

League Of Liars Solana Beach

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Sunday afternoon Rachel and I went to Solana Beach to support our friends band League of Liars. On the way out we saw some puppies for adoption and Rachel fell in love. It was a 4 month old pit mix named Kana. What do you think? Should we adopt her?

22 May 2011

Charles and Johnny in Mexico 2010

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So I haven’t made a music video in awhile so here is a new one. This is the cruise Charles and I took to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, then Puerto Vallarta.

In Cabo we went kayaking, and visited the Cabo Wabo Cantina.

In Mazatlan we rode ATV’s had an incredible lunch at Pancho’s followed by wave-runners and parasailing.

Finally in Puerto Vallarta we went zip lining in the rain forest.

If you like the video post comments.

09 May 2011

I Love California

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This is a new video shot entirely on my iPhone 4. It should be viewable with all devices on all platforms.

**Click the Picture Above and the Video will begin playing***

This is the 10th annual camp out in San Clemente my friends and I attend. This camp out is probably one of the biggest reasons I moved to Oceanside. So I could be close to Old Mans at San Onofres. ***Johnny***

08 May 2011

Brianhead 2007

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Our annual vacation destination.

**Click the Picture Above and the Video will begin playing***

Well with our annual trip to Brianhead coming up I thought I would go back into the archives and dig this one up. Read more

04 May 2011

Christmas 2006

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Rachel and I were living in Las Vegas and we went to San Diego for Christmas and she asked me to be her boyfriend.

***Click the Picture Above and the Video will begin playing***

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20 Dec 2010

Delilah 2007

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What Happened? At least that’s what Rachel says all the time. She was such a cute puppy and now she is all grown up! This is the first 30 days that we had Delilah.

One morning Rachel woke up and said let’s get a puppy.

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12 Dec 2010

Finals Suck!!!

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I really wish my wife would finish finals already- Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ***Johnny***

09 Apr 2010

Brianhead 2010

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Every year we take Johnny and Violet (Rachel’s brother and sister) on a snowboarding trip. About 100 friends of ours usually go up that same weekend so it is a trip packed with family, friends, and fun. Here is this years video guaranteed to “Blow you away”.

06 Mar 2010

Johnny and Rachel’s first trip to park city

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I already posted the video of our Honeymoon which was the second trip to Park City for Rachel and I. This is the video of the first trip. I LOVE how feisty Rachel is being at the airport. Unfortunately Rachel hurt her knee during this trip but we made the best of it. Hope you like it

16 Feb 2010

Christmas Honeymoon 2009 Video

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I have had complaints about not posting new videos and also a request for controls on the video for those with a slower internet connection. So I have done both in this brand new video which I also added an animated opener to. Rachel and I went to Vegas for Christmas from there to Utah for our Honeymoon then back to Vegas again for New Years. Read more

14 Feb 2010

Valentine Video

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Jib Jab Rocks-Video hot off the press

I made this video to wish all of our friends a Happy Valentines Day. You can post comments right here on the site using your facebook profile ***JOHNNY***

23 Dec 2009

Christmas/ Honeymoon/ New Years

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Photos and Video

Wednesday the 23rd

Rachel, Delilah, and I hit the road and headed for Las Vegas. We checked Delilah in Petsmart and Rachel went to visit her friend and mentor Dr. Rosemary Deering.
Rachel’s family celebrates Christmas Eve the day before Christmas Eve (the eve of Christmas Eve) at her grandma’s house. Later that evening our friends were having dinner at Archi’s. (One of our favorite Thai places) So, we dropped in to say hello to everyone.

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20 Dec 2009

Delilah at the Park

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Delilah LIVES for frisbee!!!

This is Delilah at the Park on Sunday Morning. This was completely done from my iPhone I love technology I can’t wait to see what they have 10 years from now.

13 Dec 2009

Wedding Ceremony

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Awesome! The guy who filmed this for me did a great job. On November 1st, 2009 we were married at Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach California. Many of our closest family and friends joined us to celebrate. Stand By Me is a wedding classic and Rachel has wanted to use this song for her first dance since she was a little girl. It seemed only right that I use it to soundtrack the wedding.

12 Dec 2009

Wedding Rehearsal and Reception

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Three really good nights. Thursday Night people started arriving. We had dinner in the Gaslamp at the Royal Thai restaurant. The next night we had the rehearsal dinner at our apartment. Finally we had the reception on the day of the wedding in Solana Beach. Did the soundtrack to this one with the Black Eyed Peas “I gotta feeling”.

12 Dec 2009

Wedding Photo Slideshow

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This is the slideshow I made of all the wedding photos. I have really wanted to use this song for a soundtrack for a while now. It is Santana and Chad Kroeger “Into the night”.